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GSA Degree Show 2023 – Working Space Live

Started in 2019 the GSA working Space talk series has hosted 30 events and invited over 60 graduates and industry experts to speak on a range of professional practice and Creative Sector topics including:

– Creating a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
– Reach Audiences and Promote Your Work
– Career in TV Film and Media
– The Future of Networking
– First Steps to being a Creative Practitioner
– Careers in Publishing and Writing

Since 2020 Working Space events have been online, for this new networking event, we have invited all of our previous guest speakers to come to the GSA community and meet with us in person.

We would be delighted if you would be able to join us for this event and celebrate the value of our creative networks.  We will be sharing the full list of guest speakers who will be in attendance but are delighted to share that the following have already confirmed.

Andrew Mummery – Independent Visual Arts Consultant
Eleanor Stewart – Director of Clubhouse Animations
Helen Moore – Membership Lead for Scottish Contemporary Arts Network
Katy Air – Marketing Strategy and Commercial Consultant
Ruth Switalski – Artist and Art Psychotherapist
Stephen Sheriff – Creative Producer, Director of Friends of the Pipe Factory
Simone Hutchinson – Managing Editor of Hedera Felix Publishers
Richard Taylor – Freelance Editor
Danny Campbell – Architect, Founder of HOKO Design, Presenter of Scotland Home of the Year.
Natalie Davidson – Manager, Civic House.

This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce yourself to the wider creative community of GSA and expand your professional connections. Drinks will be provided and we look forward to welcoming you.